Keynote Speaker

The T3 Keynote: The Web We Need Students to Give Us: Pedagogy Toward the Commons

The title of this presentation comes from Audrey Watters’ seminal 2015 essay, “The Web We Need to Give Students,” which argued in favor of giving students more control over their online presence, including their scholarship, data, and digital identity. Using Watters as a jumping-off point, we will look at how the idea of students creating “domains of their own” is refracted through the lens of the emerging field of “Open Pedagogy,” and we will explore how ownership models of learner agency contradict and complement commons-oriented models. At every turn, we will consider on-the-ground practices, exploring how assignments, programs, and colleges can be designed around learners and how learners can help shape the future of both the web and the world.

Robin DeRosa

Robin DeRosa is an advocate for increased access to higher education, and she writes and presents on how Open Education can drive down the costs of college, empower learners, and increase communication and collaboration between universities and the publics that they serve.

Robin is the director of an innovative Interdisciplinary Studies program at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, where she has helped to integrate student-designed curriculum with networked learning pedagogies in order to support diverse students as they build unconventional and inspired paths to graduation. She is an editor at Hybrid Pedagogy, an open access journal that combines the strands of critical and digital pedagogies to arrive at the best social and civil uses for technology and new media in education. Robin serves on the board of directors for the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies and works with a number of non-profit EdTech companies that are developing tools to support open and connected learning.

She blogs at